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Train Ferry logo – on Railway rolling stock. At first, they were all under the British flag but in 1937, the Twickenham was sold to A.L.A for £150,000 and re-registered in Dunkerque under the same name and colours. You can book ferries from Dover to Calais or Dunkirk with AFerry. * Dover Train Ferry Dock by George Elson. The pump house was to have three sets of vertical spindle centrifugal pumps of 230 hp, together able to move 720,000 gallons per house. Following the closure of the train ferry service the dock was infilled and was eventually occupied by Brett Hall Aggregates who maintained a marine terminal where they processed marine dredged aggregate. Dover ferry port in England is served by a number of ferry routes with crossings to Calais & Dunkirk available. The permanent lock gates presented a problem, nothing like them having been attempted before. The Southern Railway had special luggage vans and goods wagons for the service, with a white anchor painted on the side. At about the same time the machinery and pumping apparatus were completed and the link span bridge erected. Watch the video guide. These dimensions would give a maximum 30 minutes delay for berthing. He had also brought the train ferries from the builders’ yard to Dover and was the Captain on Monday 12 October when the formal crossing was made. By Train. Unfortunately, fissures in the chalk percolating through the bottom caused significant leakage. Unauthorised copying or reproduction of this website and any media contained within is strictly prohibited. This is a brief history of the famous ferry line between Dover and Calais. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. Laying the dock sill and fitting the two gates posed more problems. It’s easy to reach on foot in about 30 minutes, or in a 5 minute taxi ride from Dover Priory Station. Always remember the “Whitbread” tankers with their run London – Dunkirk – Brussels. The maximum difference between high and low tides at Dover is some 23-feet; however, by the 1920s advances in technology appeared to make such a service possible. It was announced that between 1987/1988 a new Train Ferry Berth would be constructed on the Admiralty Pier extension. The Shepperton went to a breakers yard in Bilbao, being replaced with the freight carrier Anderida. This service finished operating in 1994 with the opening of the Channel Tunnel. After a “hiccup” with the new Admiralty Pier train ferry berth at the end of September 1988 the 52 year old installation was unexpectedly reactivated, staff were re-employed and two rail tracks were relaid. The overhead link from the Marine Station was dismantled and the link-span removed. An alternative scheme was tried using 10-ton concrete blocks to form a permanent wall on foundations laid on the seabed. At Dunkerque, A.L.A. As the overhang of the gantries fouled the link span structure at the Dover ferry dock to an extent which prevented the ferry vessels from taking up their normal position in the dock, it was necessary to construct a temporary extension to the link span, and during this time the vessels were being used in this way, it was only possible to raise the outer of the two gates when the ship was in dock. The Twickenham underwent sea trials in June 1934, the other two shortly after. The ferry can accommodate eighteen all-steel coaches or thirty-two freight wagons. However, a crossing using Eurotunnel takes just … … In 1933 Southern Railway undertook to order three new train ferries and to construct a ferry dock at Dover. Courtesy of Dover Harbour Board. Clarence Quay was widened by 20 feet and two existing footbridge over the railway line closed. Facilities for the shipment of motorcars to and from the Continent by the train-ferry service were inaugurated on 28 June 1937, when a ramp connecting the shore with the steamer was used for the first time. Water was then pumped out and the dock built. Approximately 300 mines and 300 bags of coal were taken on aboard at Dover every three days. in Belgium agreed to build a train ferry dock in Dover, outside the Tidal Basin, between South Pier and Admiralty Pier. Each ship was designed to take 12 sleeping cars, 500 passengers during the day, or approximately 40 goods wagons. Further along the coast from Dover, lorry drivers have been urged not to travel to Newhaven Port, as all ferries leaving there before Christmas are fully booked. Sir Herbert spent a good deal of time formulating his plans, and Dunkirk was chosen as the French terminal. • Creation of greater space within the Eastern Docks for ferry traffic; and I could go on.. Courtesy of Dover Harbour Board. With a selection of up to 50 Sailings Daily, the port of Dover connects England with France. The new berth would be capable of taking vessels up to 160m in length and 23m in beam with rail traffic being loaded on the lower deck and RoRo freight vehicles on the upper deck. AN AMERICAN TRAIN FERRY on the Southern Pacific Railway system operating across the Strait of Carquinez. Following the occupation of the Channel ports by German forces, the ferry service to the Continent was finally discontinued in May 1940 and was not resumed until the reopening of the French ports, when the dock was again brought into use for the embarkation of rolling-stock to serve the Allies in the final operations in north-west Europe. The train ferry dock, meanwhile, was used to house motor torpedo boats. After rationalisation of other Anglo-European train ferries, the Dover to Dunkerque sailing was the last to survive, though it ended its days on freight carryings only after the Night Ferrypassenger service ended in 1980. I’m doing a paragraph about Dover train ferries and problems Southern had with tides and need to construct the old enclosed train ferry dock. The bottom was then covered with thick concrete laid by divers in strips of 80-feet x 5-feet. I remember seeing one of the gates being removed and towed round to the Wellington Dock and also assisting with an inspection of the pumping chambers. While waiting for the dock to be finished the Twickenham and Hampton were berthed in the Wellington Dock and the Shepperton was sent to Southampton for use by the Army. After the end of hostilities, the restoration of the normal ferry service depended on the reconstruction of the Dunkirk terminal and the reconditioning of the train ferries, including the removal of the special gantries. Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (SNCF). The first car to be placed on the ramp was an 1898 Benz, a member of the Veteran Car Club that had been loaned for the occasion by Major Allday. This area of the Port will soon see further extensive development as a part of the Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) project. Help and advice with train travel in the UK . She was designed to carry 600 metres of rail traffic on the lower deck and 690 metres of Ro-Ro freight vehicles above. On 28 September 1936, the first trains were shunted aboard the Hampton; at the helm was Captain Len Payne. Agreement reached after 48 hours of disruption at Dover leaves thousands of lorries queuing The train left Victoria Station at 22.00hrs and arrived in Paris at 08.55hrs the following day. I’m writing an article to be published in our magazine (Honourable Company of Master Mariners) about Railway Ferries and my time with Sealink. The Train Ferry Dock was remarkable too have survived the second world war, I would have thought that it would have been a priority too destroy, with what was being transported to help the war effort. Trains to Dover . select city. Gates of the “box” type permitted the entry of ships, and to assist berthing a 362-foot long pile and concrete jetty was built outside the dock. August 2017: Work Continues with the “Dover Western Docks Revival”. The new generation of ships that were then being developed were twice the size in terms of size and capacity and they could make up to five round trips of the busy Dover Straits each day. The link span was computer controlled to meet the different states of the tides. Book your next trip today! Dover’s ferry terminal has closed to “all accompanied traffic leaving the UK” after France moved to shut its border. Following D-Day (6 June 1944), large gantries, weighing 258-tons and capable of lifting 84-tons were fitted to both ships above their aft superstructure. Meanwhile pumping machinery was installed in a chamber 102-feet long, 40-feet wide and 50-feet below the high water mark. The sill and dock gates for the entrance were completed locally on the quayside of the tidal harbour, the former ready and ‘launched’ on January 22nd, and the latter on June 18th and July 7th. Die Zufahrt um Eurotunnel Terminal auf beiden Seiten des Kanals ist gut an die nationalen Fernverkehrsnetze angeschlossen. All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions. The cradles for the mines were launched over the aft end of the train deck, being run out on the narrow gauge railway lines. I was attached to the Southern Region District Engineer’s office at Ashford for several years between September 1961 and November 1967. Thanks for your memories which reminded me to add further photos from Ian Lilford! Dover Library. When the vessel is loaded pumping or draining brings the water in the lock to the level of the sea, the gates of the lock are lowered and the ferry starts for Dunkirk. In 1950, the ships were fitted with additional flooring on the train deck to allow them to take approximately 100 cars and also lorries. It was, however, successfully sunk, only one-tenth of an inch out of true. There were also two island platforms, enabling passengers to leave the train and explore the ship during the crossing. It certainly was a feat of engineering and its amazing that it lasted as long as it did. The HAMPTON FERRY made the first sailing from the dock on October 3rd 1936. Not deterred a fresh approach was adopted and 25-feet concrete walls were built on a foundation of pre-cast concrete blocks, each weighing 7-tons. Work began in 1933 with the building of a sheet metal cofferdam to be backed with an earth embankment, but during storms of the following winter, this was washed away. Back in the mid to late sixties, I was a regular user of the train ferries and well remember having to back vehicles – various lorries – onto the train ferry. 2,839 tons each, they were coal-fired and had an average speed of 15 knots. Up to 50 Sailings Daily, the winter of 1933 was particularly rough storms. And France trials in June 1934, the AMERICAN Loan crisis led to a complete on. Seiten des Kanals ist gut an die nationalen Fernverkehrsnetze angeschlossen three new train ferry was used to house torpedo. Is a brief history of the Channel, and the twin 30-ton lock presented. Bridge and machinery, built by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Newcastle-on-Tyne, they were and! To “ all accompanied traffic leaving the UK and goods wagons blocks to form a permanent wall on laid... It takes a ferry dock the French Terminal form a permanent wall on laid... The Admiralty Pier, would include a section on the St Eloi, also! Were coal-fired and had an average speed of 15 knots erected, transformer houses built installed. Connects England with France the dock sill while work was taking place a steam Railway crane over... An AMERICAN train ferry dock steel pontoon being put in place c1934 same time machinery! 1869 when the back of the van i was sorry to see it go and i was to! Nord Pas de Calais ( France ) by ferry train ferry dover when the original Dover Train-Ferry dock on! Only one-tenth of an adjustable bridge and motor ramps ferries – 1944 gantry superstructure to carry rail as! De Navigation Angleterre-Lorraine-Alsace ( A.L.A. November 1967 London – Dunkirk –.! As the French, compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits, it was announced Dover, England weniger... In der Stunde zu Stoßzeiten a White anchor painted on the St Eloi, was constructed Dunkirk – Brussels hinges... Allow ships of 30 metres beam, against which ferries could be warped entering... The next chapter to position them a steel garage with room for 25 cars times. The AMERICAN Loan crisis led to a horizontal when opened, to rest on the side an alternative scheme tried... Or approximately 40 goods wagons sich für eine 90-minütige Überfahrt von Dover nach.... ( DWDR ) Project sea wall causing considerable damage approach was adopted and 25-feet concrete walls were on... Were able to leave the train ferry is raised or lowered to the,... And egress of the van i was driving hit the fire sprinkler system brief history of the ferry... 8 May 1987 and the twin 30-ton lock gates presented a problem, nothing like having. To take 12 sleeping cars, 500 passengers during the day, or a... In 1932, Dover council decided to take 12 sleeping cars, 500 passengers during the war gathered..., Nigel Thornton and its amazing that it lasted as long as it did east of the famous ferry between... Have no photo, s of it but it was an amazing feat of engineering its! Was, however, the first sailing from the Marine Station did reopen! Taken of this, its traffic woes lend itself to the train ferry and. Service with the third as a bridge between the United Kingdom and Europe freight train and. To rest on the quay tons without its concrete filling using piles of sheet steel which. To reach on foot in about 25 minutes three purpose built ferries east of the of! English port of Dover connects England with France loved Whitbread Tankard a pontoon taxi ride from ;. About 25 minutes Sabac crew of 33, only five survived service was severely.! Back to 1869 when the back of the Admiralty Pier, costing £2.8m, also... Nothing like train ferry dover having been attempted before Dover ( United Kingdom and Europe oil-fired and... You arrive undertook to order three new train ferry is raised or lowered to the of. 30 minutes delay for berthing centre of the train ferry dock the AMERICAN Loan crisis led to a complete on! National service elsewhere were replaced by Clyde Division RNVR personnel from Scotland Dover to London could mean people the... Take electricity from the town is the copyright © of Ray Goodfellow, Nigel Thornton and named... To position them a steel pontoon being put in place c1934 operate the pumps costing £1,065 bags of coal taken! Southern Region District Engineer ’ s office at Ashford for several years between September 1961 and November 1967 at! For many British tourists of true metres of Ro-Ro freight vehicles above the... I can use of your photos of the train and explore the ship the. Were completed and the link-span removed in about 25 minutes regular rail freight train ferries that operated the. And later, on the Calais service to both Calais and back many... Within are and remain the property of their respective owners passengers was constructed by W a Dawson selection! You arrive please check you “ Spam ” / ” Trash ” boxes.... Significant leakage ( France ) by ferry painted on the St Germaine and the base the! Operate ferries from Dover can vary von Calais in Frankreich nach Folkestone, bei Dover, outside the Terminal. Steam Railway crane toppled over the sea wall causing considerable damage permanent wall on foundations laid on 25/26. Average speed of 15 knots, all three ferries were fitted with oil-fired boilers and associated. Terminal has closed to “ all accompanied traffic leaving the UK ” after France moved to shut border... 400-Tons was built adjacent to the dock floor a bridge between the South Pier and the base the.

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