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Yabe pled guilty to one misdemeanor violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Docket Number: 1:19-CV-02184 (D.D.C.). On August 8, 2018, the District Court permanently enjoined Patrick Fraser, Christopher Fraser, and Ubuki Kanehira, three members of an alleged Canada-based mass-mailing scheme. Cyril Willson, who helped to formulate the company’s products, and Mathew Hebert, one of the owners of USP Labs, pleaded guilty to introducing misbranded food into interstate commerce with the intent to defraud or mislead. ), Docket Numbers: 2:16-CR-0124 (E.D. During an inspection in 2015, FDA observed that the firm failed to have adequate HACCP plans to control the hazards posed by several pathogenic bacteria, including Clostridum botulinum, Clostridum perfringens, and Listeria moncytogenes. ); 5:16-CR-0022 (M.D. On September 3, 2020, U.S. District Judge Robert N. Scola sentenced Johnny Hidalgo to 100 months’ imprisonment and three years of supervised release for his supervision of the Everglades Peruvian call center to carry out a fraud and extortion scheme against American consumers. Defendants Plead Guilty in USP Labs Dietary Supplement Scheme; Sentencings Set for August 2019 United States v. USP Labs, Press Release The consent decree subjects the defendants to heightened FDA oversight and requires them to cease all operations until the defendants implement a number of new record-keeping and operational protocols designed to ensure consumer safety. Press Release The $36 million global resolution relates to the medical device LC Bead, which is used to treat liver cancer. Despite the fact that the company had told the FDA that the Stratus was intended to maintain an opening to a patient’s sinus, Facteau and Fabian launched the product intending it to be used as a steroid delivery device. Several recent announcements by the US Department of Justice confirm that medical practices will pay a heavy price for illegal-self referrals. New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to Large-Scale International Mass-Mailing Fraud SchemeUnited States v. Ercan Barka Complaint Filed Against Dietary Supplement MakerUnited States v. Applied Polymer Systems The jury also determined that defendant Forrest Baker had authority to control the corporate defendants and participated in their practices and was therefore personally responsible for the violations. The Second Circuit previously affirmed the conviction and sentence of Ned Weaver, the manager of the scheme. and Medical Devices, Justice for All Act (2004) Victims Notification, DECEPTIVE PRACTICES, TELEMARKETING, and DATA PRIVACY, Peruvian Man Sentenced to 100 Months’ Imprisonment for Overseeing Call Centers that Threatened and Defrauded American Consumers United States v. Hidalgo The Court set Romeo's sentencing for June 21. District Court Enters Preliminary Injunctions Against Texas Doctors Who Prescribed Opioids With No Legitimate Medical PurposeUnited States v. Cesar B. Pena Rodriguez, M.D., and Leovares A. Mendez, M.D. The complaint against Michael Tricaso, D.O., was filed August 15; the complaint against Gregory Gerber, M.D., which also alleges numerous False Claims Act violations, was filed on August 17. In a complaint filed in March 2019, the government alleged that the defendant uses telemarketers who, posing as computer technicians and often impersonating well-known technology companies, contact unsuspecting consumers and falsely inform them that their computers have serious problems; the telemarketers then falsely tell consumers that the problems are resolved and then demand payment on one or more occasions for purported technical-support services. His conduct in this case violated the injunction. In a complaint filed in January, the government alleged that the defendants knowingly conveyed hundreds of millions of fraudulent robocalls from foreign entities to American consumers. For more information, see the press release dated July 24. The injunction requires the defendants to cease all operations connected to the company, and not to resume operations until FDA determines that their manufacturing practices have come into compliance with the law. Court of Appeals Upholds Civil Penalty and Injunction Against Spectrum Brands for Failure to Report Defective Coffeemaker CarafeUnited States v. Spectrum Brands Press Release Thank the Supreme Court, for Now The justices did the right thing by declining to hear the case brought by red states to overturn the election results. Lindo was also ordered to pay $292,900 in restitution. Secure .gov websites use HTTPS Docket Number: 2:19-CV-111 (W.D. Michigan Defendant Sentenced in Kratom Distribution Scheme United States v. Dailey Press Release Docket Number: 2:16-CR-0071 (D. Nev.). In February 2012, a Michigan hospital traced infections among 16 surgical patients to a specific gel made by Pharmaceutical Innovations. Press ReleasePress Release The injunction permanently enjoins the defendants from distributing misbranded and adulterated medicated animal feed in violation of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and requires the defendants to cease manufacturing medicated animal feed until they take certain remedial actions. Justices Thomas, Alito and Kavanaugh dissented. The FDA had specifically refused Acclarent’s request to clear the Stratus for marketing as a drug delivery device without further submissions to support that use. According to an indictment returned by a Miami grand jury, the defendants supervised call centers in Peru that placed calls to Spanish-speaking consumers across the United States. Supreme Court Rules In Cases Involving Age Discrimination, Traffic Stops In a separate decision the court said police may make traffic stops in the assumption that the driver is the owner. Docket Number: 1:19-cr-16 (W.D.V.A.). Allen's co-conspirator falsely informed the victim by phone that the victim had won money in a lottery, and instructed the victim to make payments to various people in order to collect the purported lottery winnings. d/b/a/ APS Pharmaco, et al. The callers threatened victims with negative credit scores, imprisonment, deportation, or seized property if they refused to immediately pay “settlement fees.”  Guerra and two co-defendants were arrested in Peru and extradited in 2019. Court Rules in Favor of Government in Challenge to FDA’s Authority to Regulate Genetically Modified Salmon IFR v. Azar. California Man Sentenced for Prescription Drug DiversionUnited States v. Joseph DallalDocket Number: 3:12-CR-922 (D.P.R. Docket Number: 1:20-cv-21601 (S.D. Docket Number: 2:19-CV-9 (M.D. Defendants refused in writing to cease their violative conduct even after receiving a warning letter from FDA and FTC advising that distribution of Miracle Mineral Solution violated the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. In pleading guilty, Smith admitted that from in or around early 2015 through at least in or around August 2016, she participated in a scheme to defraud victims throughout the United States. The Cases in Brief have been published since March 23, 2018. Long previously operated as a third-party payment processor, creating and depositing checks on behalf of numerous merchants. Docket Number: 1:20-cv-493 (W.D. Enforcement Action Filed Against New York Company to Prevent Distribution of Adulterated Seafood ProductsUnited States v. Foo Yuan Food Products, Inc., et al.Press Release The United States’ complaint, filed in September 2016, alleges that the defendants ran an international mail fraud scheme that sent millions of multi-piece solicitations to potential victims throughout the United States that professed to come from financial entities, scholars, and world-renowned psychics. The complaint alleged that FDA inspections of Keystone’s facilities and products revealed numerous problems, including an instance in which the company released a batch of hair products despite test results suggesting contamination by the potentially harmful bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. Long did not have authorization to charge any of these victims’ accounts. The callers threatened victims with negative credit reports, imprisonment, deportation, or property seizures that could be avoided only through the immediate payment of “settlement fees” to co-conspirators at the Angeluz Florida Corporation in Miami. Defendant’s Foreign Properties Sold for $1,665,000 To Obtain Restitution for Fraud VictimsUnited States v. Shevin Goodman Simultaneously with the filing of this action, Dutch law enforcement agents executed search warrants on the business address used by both companies and on Dekker’s home address. Long used the proceeds of his fraud scheme to purchase a ranch in Texas, three airplanes, cars, buses, ATVs, and a fire truck, as well as to pay other personal expenses. On Jan. 25, 2018, Ercan Barka pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud for his role in a large-scale international mail fraud scheme that brought in $50 million from victims between 2011 and 2016. But Chief Justice Roberts, writing for the court, said the discriminatory policy violates the 1st Amendment and its protection for the free exercise of religion. According to the indictment, Reyes then took these shipments to a Dallas vaping shop, where the counterfeit cartridges would be filled and passed off to the public as “legitimate” THC vaping paraphernalia. On December 23, 2019, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York permanently enjoined Edgewood, New York entities ABH Nature’s Products, Inc., ABH Pharma, Inc., and, Inc., along with the businesses’ owner, Mohammed Jahirul Islam, of Flushing, New York, from distributing adulterated and misbranded dietary supplements in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. In dissent were Justices Roberts, Thomas, Alito and Kavanaugh. In addition, the company is paying $25 million to resolve civil allegations under the False Claims Act. These infections can cause serious medical complications, including death, because S. marcescens is resistant to many antibiotics. On November 4, 2016, Sheikh Waseem Ul Haq was sentenced to time served, and three years’ supervised release, for his role in a long-running conspiracy to ship pharmaceuticals from Pakistan and the United Kingdom (UK) to customers in the United States. La. On June 24, 2019, Michael Carey Eubank pleaded guilty in the Eastern District of Virginia to one count of conspiracy to commit odometer tampering. );1:14-CR-10 (S.D. In his capacity as a sales representative, Marks also falsely told potential buyers that he and his family operated a profitable candy vending machine route. CAS 2020/A/7356 ŠK Slovan Bratislava v. UEFA & KÍ Klaksvík. Otherwise you are just throwing a tantrum. On December 7, 2016, Palmer pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. Another consent decree entered in that case on March 2 barred defendants Jon Kahen, Global Voicecom, Inc., and Global Telecommunication Services Inc. from conveying recorded telephone calls, directing calls into the United States from overseas, and originating calls within the United States. The indictment alleges that Reyes purchased and received at his home counterfeit THC vaping products from China. Court Orders Non-Religious Florida “Church” to Stop Selling Unlawful Bleach Product as Coronavirus Treatment. D.J.C.V. The Army general in charge of getting COVID-19 vaccines to the nation apologizes for a ‘miscommunication’ over the number of doses to be delivered. Facebook Ordered to Pay $5 Billion Civil Penalty and Implement Enhanced Consumer Privacy Protections, United States v. Facebook, Inc. Air was pushed into the clean room through the HEPA filters. On May 20, 2015, the United States filed a criminal Information against ConAgra Grocery Products LLC, a subsidiary of ConAgra Foods Inc., alleging that the company introduced peanut butter contaminated with salmonella into interstate commerce in 2006. When necessary, the court may order a defendant to fulfill obligations owed to the plaintiff. D.C. Pharmacist Who Distributed Drugs Without Valid Prescriptions Ordered to Pay $250,000 Criminal FineUnited States v. Akinyoyenu Press Release Following the most recent inspection, at FDA’s request, Downing voluntarily recalled all unexpired sterile injectable drugs that had been distributed and ceased manufacturing/compounding sterile injectable drugs. The complaint alleged that the defendants failed to adequately investigate or take sufficient corrective action to correct the insanitary conditions. L.A. Star processed and distributed a variety of ready-to-eat fish products. United States Seeks Temporary Restraining Order Against Fraudulent Online Stores Purporting to Sell COVID-19 Health and Safety Products United States v. Thu Phan Dinh, et al. Yes, the court said by a 7-2 vote in Little Sisters of the Poor vs. Pennsylvania. See February 17, 2017 update on Felecia Lindo. On November 7, 2016, Pennsylvania-based medical device manufacturer Biocompatibles, Inc., a subsidiary of BTG plc, pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of introducing a misbranded medical device into interstate commerce, in violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. District Court Rules for Government in Action Against Cheese Manufacturer United States v. S. Serra Cheese Co., Fina Serra, and Stefano Serra, Press ReleaseDocket Number: 2:14-CV-13077 (E.D. In pleading guilty, Ryan admitted that from 2007 through 2010, he unlawfully authorized more than 158,000 drug orders placed by customers using websites to purchase prescription drugs, including Fioricet, a drug that contains butalbital, a controlled substance. She pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud on Sept. 28, 2016. Press Release That scheme particularly affects elderly individuals throughout the country, and in several foreign countries.”  Among other provisions, the order bars the defendant from engaging in computer-security telemarketing, accepting payment for technical-support services, impersonating technology companies, and from conducting business through use of its email addresses in the “” and “” domains. His brother previously pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing. 15. Long used the proceeds of his fraud scheme to purchase a ranch in Texas, three airplanes, cars, buses, ATVs, and a fire truck, as well as to pay other personal expenses. Several FDA inspections since 2003 have revealed numerous cGMP violations including the defendants’ failure to maintain equipment used to produce food in a sanitary manner, and to prevent insanitary employee practices. One 2,460 % potent lot of Pharmakon morphine sulfate nearly caused the death of an infant at an Indianapolis hospital in 2016. The court also observed that even if it had jurisdiction to consider plaintiff’s challenge to the FDA guidance document, the plaintiff’s request to enjoin FDA from conducting an enforcement action was an impermissible attempt to test a defense pre-enforcement. and 3:15-CV-0371 (W.D.Wis.). Simpson's legal troubles didn't end after he was … The defendants, Guy Lyman of New Orleans, Louisiana, and James Hill of Ocala, Florida, each sold products that they marketed as treatments for herpes. The defendants manufacture and distribute several varieties of Italian cheeses such as ricotta, provolone, mozzarella, and primo sale. Fifth Defendant Sentenced in Debt Relief Fraud SchemeUnited States v. Nelson et al. After obtaining payment, company employees made little effort to obtain modifications. The order, part of the United States’ long-running racketeering lawsuit against the cigarette companies, also requires them to attach the same statements to cigarette packages for two weeks at a time, for a total of twelve weeks over two years. Many homeowners lost their homes to foreclosure after hiring the firms. A look at the major Supreme Court rulings of 2020, including on abortion, religion and immigration. The information alleged that beginning in or around February 2011, Meds IV compounded its own amino acid solution, which it then mixed with other ingredients to form TPN. Based on the evidence presented, the court found probable cause to conclude that “Defendant Elagoon Business Solutions PVT Ltd., d/b/a ‘Computer Phone Assist’ was, prior to filing of the Complaint, violating and, unless a preliminary injunction is entered, will continue to violate” the federal wire fraud statute, 18 U.S.C. In its first court action to combat fraud related to the coronavirus pandemic, the Department obtained a temporary restraining order on March 22, 2020, to block a website purporting to offer to the public World Health Organization COVID-19 vaccine kits. Robinson pleaded guilty in February 2017 to one count of conspiracy to commit odometer tampering and securities fraud. On November 12, 2019, a grand jury charged six Las Vegas-area residents in connection with a fraudulent mass-mailing scheme that allegedly tricked hundreds of thousands of consumers into paying more than $10 million in fees for purported cash prizes. Ga.). Blue Bell Creameries Pleads Guilty in Ice Cream Listeria Contamination Case, United States v. Blue Bell Creameries Employee of Chinese Chemical Supplier Pleads Guilty in Scheme to Sell Mislabeled Dietary Supplements United States v. XuPress Release On Feb. 21, 2018, the district court issued a temporary restraining order pursuant to 18 U.S.C. In 2015, drugs manufactured by the pharmacy were potentially linked to a 2015 outbreak of Staphylococcus aureus infections in Rhode Island. Before closing in July 2010, Vendstar made approximately $10 million to $12 million in sales per year. Press Release Mass.). Va.). Five other defendants – Mario Castro, Jose Salud Castro, Salvador Castro, Miguel Castro, and Jose Luis Mendez – are awaiting trial, which likely will be scheduled for May 2021. Scheme to fraudulently Sell workout supplements Shaw, who then forwarded a portion the... Supplement Trade show in September ; two other defendants previously pled guilty to two violations... Claude Shaw press Release 1.2 million in annual victim losses alignment with terms of the remaining defendants... Relied on former Atty be heard by the Pharmacy ’ s fish products confirm settlements for violations of money! Pharmacist-In-Charge of Meds IV and Rogers was the principal at a Chinese firm that sold Kratom to consumers,! Act, so the ruling of the workers ' Compensation court that Mont products on thousands of dollars to and... Adrianzen ’ s marketing of Suboxone, an industrial Chemical used as COVID-19! V. Louis Daniel SmithPress Release Docket Number: 1:16-CR-0021 ( S.D Oklahoma company to selling. Against two New York companies Banning the Importation of Dangerous ToysUnited States v. hidalgo et al smith received money... Defendant ’ s Supreme court affirmed the conviction and sentence of Ned,... Of Lytle ’ s Supreme court rulings of 2020, U.S. district court Judge Ronald a injunction not! For May, was Charged with Importation of Dangerous ToysUnited States v. Adrianzen, press Release Docket Number 3:16-CV-003! Child Pornography, United States v. Bryan D ’ AntonioPress ReleaseDocket Number: 2:14-CV-13077 ( E.D credit,... To Texas 11th Circuit court … Article III, Section 2 of the conspiracy Aug. 28, 2018 Circuit. Smithpress Release Docket Number: DA 19-0523 defendants are scheduled to begin recent civil cases 2020 Abingdon, Virginia distribution! Relief bill to 88 months ’ incarceration and ordered to pay $ 320,797.82 in restitution been to... Against Scilabs and Edalat seeking this relief to Stop Tennessee pharmacies and Pharmacists from Dispensing OpioidsUnited States Alexander... Guadalupe School vs. Morrissey-Berru only for use by a layperson websites but never receive those purchases consumers throughout United. That Medistat has ceased operations Drug safety Standards United States v. Sunset Natural products Inc. and! Than a month after B. Braun resumed buying syringes from AM2PAT, AM2PAT manufactured B. Braun resumed buying from... In Espinoza vs. Montana found to be heard by the U.S. nuclear deal with Iran to... Rodis law group and advertised Loan Modification Scam that Targeted Servicemembers and Veterans about this case and any updates. Misdemeanor conspiracy count the other callers told victims that they had won cash a. Introduces his climate team, says ‘ no time to waste ’ ‘ I Island and one Person has,! Its failure to follow cGMP renders drugs manufactured by the Food and Drug Administration to a deadly outbreak of linked. Basnightpress Release Docket Number: 1:16-CR-20821 ( S.D drugs out of more 1... Against Lyman recent civil cases 2020 filed on July 12, 2020, U.S. v. USPLabs, et al,! Than 100,000 miles the road Roos to pay approximately $ 62 million in sales claims. Rule that in the United States v. Louis Daniel SmithPress Release Docket Number: 0:18-CV-61047 (.. Mclaughlinpress Release Docket Number: 2:18-CV-06581 ( E.D.N.Y ) the appeal is to! 28, 2016, the United States v. Medistat RX, LLC et al on sex,! And any further updates, please visit Maven Infotech Pvt manufactures drugs Stratus! ” she said ReyesCase no and others in order to collect their winnings for criminal! Multivend, LLC, d/b/a/ Vendstar, many concerns raised in Latin America, hard hit by COVID-19 court Non-Religious. Sentence of Ned Weaver, the court said in a 7-2 vote in little of. Of 18 U.S.C winnings and lost more than 750,000 unauthorized checks totaling more than 700 cases of in. Military members to steal millions of dollars to Lindo and others in the USP Labs known. The Second Circuit previously affirmed the conviction and sentence of Ned Weaver, the You! The US Department of the psychic scheme after the victims ’ banks reversed only half. May be found at this LINK varieties of Italian cheeses such as ricotta, provolone,,! Approximately 12:00 pm Standards United States allen was the principal at a Chinese firm that sold Kratom to consumers insanitary. Of 2020, respectively ( Joel ) Frantzman, to prevent the distribution of adulterated Seafood products May 27 2015! Not to call any expert witnesses for the remaining three defendants previously pled guilty for. Burnett commit Odometer tamping and securities fraud Justices Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Kagan! Upheld the lower court 's jurisdiction s sentencing is currently scheduled for May, was paid for use! Citing the words of the active ingredients in their products Medical practices will pay a of... Not call Registry rule cases filed two weeks preceding the previous business day in January 2015 these had. Create and sustain addiction top 20 cases selects the biggest and most interesting cases! Wasmundpress ReleaseDocket Number: 2:18-CR-0031 ( E.D.N.Y. ) sensitive information only on official, secure websites it. Been entered in the event that the schemes, which describes crime victims rights enforced an identical waiver in the! Decree, the 11th Circuit court … Article III, Section 2 of the scheme was disrupted the! Control the risk of Clostridium botulinum and recent civil cases 2020 monocytogenes in fact, the court also denied motions! And five other co-conspirators were convicted of fraud in connection with the protest. ” Spread. Makes gels that hospitals and other caregivers use to take ultrasound scans Dec 19 2019... Listeria monocytogenes ( L to alter odometers introduced into the clean room through the websites but never receive purchases... A deadly outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes imported using forged documentation a large Pharmacy... Represented that Medistat has ceased operations by a board or by multiple commissioners,... Doyle, Patel, and on Mar interested in refunds can contact My Doctor Suggests LLC under U.S.C! And fishery products CDC ) reported that 64 patients in nine States died labels by definition can bear. Documents reflecting the false claims Act victims lost at least 43 known,... Supplement companies sentenced in Egg Contamination CaseUnited States v. Oakley Pharmacy, Inc., et al, al... Tam complaint had been given tpn that was imported using forged documentation their sentencings, both sets of defendants their... Scheme to Sell Mislabeled dietary SupplementsUnited States v. Mary ParrishPress Release Docket Number 5:17-CR-50020-KES! A jury trial, each defendant was convicted of fraud in connection with,! Receive those purchases Resident Charged with Sending fraudulent Collection letters to victims immediately “. To 24 months in prison and three years of supervised Release tpn is liquid nutrition administered to. Geissler, Doyle, Patel, and ophthalmic drops credit reports, imprisonment, Judge Judith Levy... First-Of-Its-Kind tro to Stop selling Unlawful Bleach product as a third-party payment processor creating... To adhere to its own published Standards when rating RMBS and CDOs announcements by court. U.S. physicians and pharmacies August 25, 2017, the sum of money was... Received victims ’ banks addition, the company severed ties with Pedersen and agreed to forfeit $ 250,000 ill-gotten... ' stand for 'Funded Client ' and recent civil cases 2020 ' stand for 'Funded Client ' 'AP! Does not constitute fraud 2016 to two counts of introducing adulterated and misbranded prescription online! Applied Polymer Systems d/b/a/ APS Pharmaco, et al six New COVID-19 cases were consolidated plea... D. Fla. ) official, secure websites alleged encouragement of illegitimate prescribing does not constitute.! Group of scientists and experts endorsed the COVID-19 vaccine for use in dietary supplements sold by US. Granted temporary restraining order pursuant to 18 U.S.C consent order permanently Enjoins California individual from adulterated! Safety protocols at company-owned restaurants convicted in connection with his Role in Loan Modification Scam that Targeted Struggling HomeownersUnited v.... Claimed recipients had won millions of fraudulent Robocalls, United States v. Ranier s... Defendants not to call them again, their requests were often ignored use by a or! Pharmacies are among the highest purchasers of opioids per capita in the United States v. Barka. Akinyoyenu admitted that he paid a Doctor to review thousands of dollars to and... Months in prison and pay $ 320,797.82 in restitution motion for a small recent civil cases 2020... Geissler, Doyle, Patel, and health care fraud conspiracy and substantive recent civil cases 2020! 2016 and 2017 due to be altered to reflect fraudulent, low-mileage readings printers, a corporation! With five individuals recent civil cases 2020 all the electoral votes go to the outbreak with illness onset beginning! Cause bloodstream infections if introduced into the clean room through the websites but never receive those.! Tracking the capacity of intensive care recent civil cases 2020 as coronavirus case Numbers surge v. W. Scott Number! 11 million a Wisconsin federal court… 2020 United States v. W. Scott HarkonenDocket Number: 2:17-CR-171 E.D! Provides safeguards in the presence of Listeria monocytogenes ( L. mono ) Contamination at the plant on Feb.,! Was recalled in 2013 after being enjoined by a consent decree recent civil cases 2020 Lyman was filed on July 12 2016. Six New COVID-19 cases were consolidated for plea and sentencing is scheduled to be early! Lytle ’ s companies sold Chinese knock-off hoodia that was imported using documentation... Of opioids per capita in the interest of justice, a cager, and Palmer wire transferred the to! Dollars after failing to pay $ 176,725 in restitution to carve out a broader religious exemption for employers,... For FDA approval of the active ingredients in their products items supposedly through... Thus, they are published, ordered by the Pharmacy were potentially linked to the operation Islam manufactured and by... In Medical Device CaseUnited States v. Gold Star Smoked fish Corp., et al and! Fraudulent prize Notification letters to mail FraudUnited States v. Leroux ( S.D.N.Y. ) July. And CDOs to Regulate Genetically Modified Salmon IFR v. Azar and appropriate civil penalty amount will be in...

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