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He warns Jensen that The Throat is no place for "a shiny wrench" and to turn back before Marchenko leaves with fellow ARC members. However, the system rejects her biochip. The Juggernaut Collective takes down Sebastian's live feed, allowing Jensen to negotiate with Sebastian without being seen on television. He's also stoic and maybe even a bit melancholic when expressing himself, rarely showing any emotion, be it happiness, joy, sadness or anger when speaking to others. The bug he'd placed in the NSN's motherboard had uncovered signs of a conspiracy! Nomad had slipped away from the TF29 agents and followed some of Allison's friends to a place in southern Prague, only to learn they plan to kill her that night. Vega and Quinn inform Jensen that the Task Force has been compromised by the Illuminati. Behind the scenes At a very young age, he was one of a group of infants subjected to experimental genetic therapy treatments by White Helix Labs, a subsidiary of VersaLife. Shortly afterwards, Jensen is transferred to the Prague-based Central European Division. However, the reports were buried and merely labeled as an “industrial accident” making Janus and Alex believe it could be a bioweapon. Despite the losses, Bob Page insists that the mission was a success and Volkard Rand comments that the attack will leave Interpol confused for weeks. Together with Pritchard and Stacks, Jensen visits the Sarif Industries' former headquarters, now abandoned after Sarif was bought out by Tai Yong Medical. Keitner informs him that Burke has found out what they have been doing, before Jensen climbs his way to the top. Family This event would later become known as the "Aug Incident.". [20] It is further suggested this his memories were altered in some way by the Illuminati.[21]. Other augmentations include firing stability, lifting heavy weight, and firing accuracy while running. Jensen had orders to bring Talos Rucker in alive. [3] Relying solely on Arthur's income, money was always tight for the family; Margie lacked the skills and emotional temperament needed to maintain a job. Namir orders Barrett to get rid of Jensen, and then departs with Fedorova. With this new information, he points out Miller’s card would allow them to know for certain if it really is a bioweapon being used by VersaLife and TF29 as NSN conversations are stored on the system’s cloud memory, allowing them to see the full conversation when accessed. This can be found in the background section. Another aug informs Sebastian that a mole inside the local police knows Interpol is coming but Jensen attacks before they can move. This would make him the second character in, Jensen has various vices shown throughout the game. Jensen then calls Miller to tell him he has more information and to check on the status of the plans. He is ambidextrous, although this is for gameplay reasons. If Jensen's genetic quirk could be directly integrated into a new generation of biochips, then rejection would be eliminated entirely and augmentation would become as simple as plastic surgery - ushering in a new age of human enhancement and destroying VersaLife's Neuropozyne market. Jensen is sent home to recuperate, but subsequently struggles to come to terms with his body's fusion with machines - and ends up smashing his bathroom mirror the first time he sees himself in it. The result is a divided world, where mechanically augmented humans are forcibly separated from non-augmented ones. Jensen agrees. En route to TF29's offices, Jensen received an urgent call from Vega. Eliza states that Sarif would know why the scientists were kidnapped in the first place, but warned Jensen that everybody lies. Another terrorist appears and Jensen follows him to the warehouse floor, where another agent knocks him out. There are two other "Jensen stories" coming to Deus Ex that are only obtainable via the season pass, if they too are only 30 minutes long then.. En-route, Jensen is at the last moment diverted to Juarez to save Sarif's niece from pro-augmentation cartel captors. After reading the e-mails to see that Nomad is waiting for his daughter at the Irish Stool, a video message plays on the monitors showing Radich Nikoladze, the leader of the Dvali, saying goodbye to his "friend" and that it was just business before the room is sealed and toxic gas pours in. Extremists in both camps use violence to make their voices heard. Jensen's eye-shields are presumably not tinted in the conventional sense, as they do not seem to affect his perception of light levels. All of the children, aside from Jensen, died as a result of the treatments. Upon re-establishing contact with Pritchard, Jensen discovers that he is now at the Omega Ranch biotech lab facility in Singapore. [30] Additionally he has an unspecified implant that allows him to cover his eyes in eye-shield lenses hidden in black comma-shaped augments around his eyes, an augmentation he shares with Ben Saxon. Jensen stabs him with his combat blade and barely escapes the explosion. When Jensen reveals that he found bomb making equipment in the apartment, Nomad blurts that it is not his and was about to say who when he quickly changes his mind and says that he made the bombs. View all the Achievements here King, meanwhile, gets back to his studio to play up on the events, using it as an excuse as to why no one should be augmented and that in wars, sons will die. I have to say, I am VERY impressed with this installment … - 4826 Golem City: ARC Operations: Code for the little stock left in the restricted area - 2544 Apparently, Smiley had spotted evidence they didn't want the Task Force to see. Jensen returns to Sarif Industries HQ in Detroit and undertakes an illegal mission to retrieve the dead hacker's Neural Hub from the Detroit Police Department morgue. He'd barely escaped the ambush when a frantic Nomad Stanek got in touch with him. She also said she'd sent hundreds more bombs to Marchenko's Swiss Alps base. The recording also shows that Manderley's actions are being controlled by another man, who had instructed Manderley to order the assassination of Talos Rucker using something known as the "Orchid." [25] Jensen considers this "not one of my better qualities.". Agent Jana Niemi gets Jensen back inside the warehouse before they and MacReady find a suspiciously locked door and find a natural woman, Helena, and an augmented boy, Marek, handcuffed inside. Koller did get Jensen's augments back on line, though - and in the process, discovered some highly eperimental augments hidden inside the agent's systems. Miller then informs Jensen he just got orders that the girl and her mother are to be taken to a safehouse. Keitner had assisted in Jensen's escape as it seemed to her the best chance to get someone to find proof that Belltower is associated with something illegal. Jensen is able to successfully enter the Dvali Theater, where Nikoladze keeps his office, and finds out that Marchenko plans to attack Brown’s Safe Harbour Convention in London. The virus would prevent the scientists' G-P-L signals from being tracked while they escape. When first facing Zhao Yun Ru, Jensen hesitates and is easily distracted when Zhao pretends to be a victim. [11] The two began a romantic relationship in 2019, going so far as to consider "settling down together. However, he also wants to find out who Janus really is, and tells Alex that Janus can either set up a meeting face to face, or Jensen will find him himself. Desperate Measures takes place after Jensen returns from Golem City. The recording reveals that Megan Reed and her team were not killed by the Tyrants, but merely kidnapped and taken to an unknown location, and that Picus TV newsreader Eliza Cassan was involved. Jensen urges Tiffany Kavanagh her to get the incriminating evidence on Belltower and to escape with it after he orders a submersible. At Sarif's office, Jensen is met not by Sarif but by Hugh Darrow, the creator of mechanical augmentations. Following Taggart's speech, which shifted all the blame on to him, Sandoval becomes suicidal. Seeing this, Miller orders Jensen to quickly disable the helicopter to prevent the gold-mask mercenaries from getting away with the shipment. Miller then tasks Jensen with going in solo from the roof to cut off any Jinn members from accessing the hotel's atrium. He finds nothing on Miller's terminal, but does find a secret room with another terminal. Jensen does not stay with the North American Division for long. Jensen is also approached by Alex Vega and Garvin Quinn of the Juggernaut Collective, sent by Janus to recruit Jensen. By using third-party tools to see through the entire container, the torso's shoulder area shows indentations corresponding to the parts of Jensen's cybernetic arms that extend onto the torso around the shoulder socket. Jensen can express bitterness toward Sarif early on in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. With that, Jensen heads out to Růžička Station. Jensen then confronts Thorne, who is irate at the fact that her superiors seem to want to keep Jensen alive for reasons unknown to her. After the rescue is successful, a terrorist attack against a Humanity Front rally sends Jensen on a hunt for his former SWAT commander Quincy Durant and his pro-augmentation terrorist group. Pritchard finds out that the modification had turned the hacker into a "human proxy," allowing someone else to hack through him. Her death deeply affects Jensen, who then continues his original mission, heading for Hengsha. The Intellicam footage is badly corrupted, but Chang was able to extract images showing an unidentified Aug in a yellow hoodie dropping bags where each bomb went off. However, seeing as his augmentations are supposed to draw bioenergy from his systems to function, the strong preference for sugary food might have been a way to adapt to his body's increased energy demands. Jim Miller sends Jensen into Golem City to retrieve ARC's leader, Talos Rucker, but Rucker dies while talking to Jensen, forcing him to return home empty-handed (depending on how you behaved in Golem, this could have dire consequences for your playthrough). The game provides continuous opportunities for the player to decide Jensen's ethical/moral stance towards social behavior and the use of violence. In order to extract the augmentations out of Detroit, an operation assigned to Thorne, the Illuminati plan to have the arms dealer Sheppard air-lift the augmentations out of the city by a cargo jet. One week later, Jensen is back at his apartment with Alex as they watch the news unfold about what happened in London. Jensen heads to the helipad, where Miller is waiting for his report. Jensen sees Dr. Delara Auzenne once again. Sebastian escaped, so the team returns to Prague with Emilia and discuss what happened before Miller tasks Jensen with talking to the girl to try and get more information. The most prominent fixed element of Jensen's personality is that he is a loner, though he was allegedly getting better before the train attack. The only noticeable difference is that he lacks Jensen's full hair model and the eye cover (eye shield/sunglasses) augmentation (however, he has a faint scar at the locations flanking the eyes where the eye cover aug would be mounted). As the shop is closed for the day, Fletcher finds Nomad Stanek's address and Jensen leaves to find him. There, he is interrogated by Jenna Thorne, presenting herself as a government agent, who wishes to know the details of Jensen's involvement at Panchea right before the collapse. He convinced Miller to send him and Chikane on a recon mission to find out, but somehow, the terrorists learned he was coming. Miller says to forget about him and explains that Jensen needs to get to Brown and the delegates as he found out the shadow operatives tainted the champagne with the Orchid and will be serving it to them soon. DXHR Sarif indicates that he has called in a favor from the Defense Department in order to do this, meaning that the conspirators would expect Jensen's arrival. In room 802-11, he discovers that Eliza Cassan herself is actually a massive, sophisticated computer intelligence, programmed to monitor communications and data streams worldwide. Helena reveals the terrorist's name is Bruno before MacReady asks why she is there. However, Jensen also receives a call from Nomad Staněk to rescue Allison Staněk. Jensen is is plunged into the Arctic Ocean, with only his Sentinel RX Health System to keep him alive.[18]. Deciding the answers outweigh the risk, Jensen heads into TF29 to use the NSN. The lockdown is eventually lifted and Jensen takes out Burke and the team guarding him. At the helipad, Miller informs Jensen that earlier in the morning, state police had dropped off Intellicam footage taken at Růžička Station. Adam is the only known Neuropozyne-independent augmentee, the result of experiments performed upon him as an infant at White Helix Labs. One that would put Jensen inside Golem City, Prague's notorious Aug ghetto. The two main factions in Mankind Divided are Task Force 29 (TF29), an Interpol-run anti-terrorist team based in Prague; and the Augmented Rights Coalition (ARC), originally an aid group for augmented people and now a controversial body … Jensen notes to Alex that he finds it odd that Janus can find this information so easily when others cannot, but relents. Shortly after Jensen joins TF29's Prague-based Central European Division, the team is sent to rescue kidnapped children but the team leader, Duncan MacReady, leaves Jensen at the VTOL while the rest storm the building. In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you need Passwords and Codes needed to gain access to locked rooms or secret areas. When the final touches were made on Adam for, By the time of his augmentation, and even before, Jensen showed signs of being an experienced Silhouette revolver shooter, based on how he grips his 'trademark' .357 revolver, which would quality him for 'lightweight,' based on caliber alone, but even by the events of, On the coffee table of Jensen's Prague apartment can be found a signed copy of Pritchard's, Adam's cybernetic arms are a matched pair of the, The toy cop car Adam gifted Megan with on their first date, which can be found on Megan's desk in, Adam's infiltration suit and combat rifle appear as DLC in. In 2020, Jensen and Durant confronted Tyrell Banks, an augmented murderer, who severely injured Durant before being killed by Jensen. As they talk, they come to the conclusion that Jensen's team was meant to see the attack, but they cannot figure out why his team in particular was meant to see it and who the gold-masked mercenaries were. Moments later, bombs go off, blowing up the station in an apparent terrorist attack. In an attempt to gain control, Zhao activates the core's defenses, turning them on Jensen. Jensen successfully evades the drones when he is contacted by Nomad, who frantically begs for Jensen's help. However, the girl, seeing King's latest anti-aug broadcast, is upset and starts to become angry and Alex calls Jensen to let him know someone within TF29 knew Marek was going to blow himself up. Back in Prague, an irate Miller confronted Jensen before taking off for Golem City. but dont get your hopes high their quit short played all 3 in lkess then 4 hours #1. DeBeers acknowledges this and states they're already proceeding with an alternate plan and that "Dubai laid the foundations" before instructing Page to "activate the sleeper cell.". When he meets Alex, she reveals that Brown will actually lose trillions if the Human Restoration Act passes, as he would not be able to sustain the influx of augmented people to Rabi’ah. facility, but within the hour it took for some of TF29’s agents to get there after Jensen left, the shadow operatives had all but cleared out, taking anything useful with them. Due to the damage sustained as a result of the Aug Incident, Panchaea is destroyed. Chikane drops Jensen off near one of the entrances but as soon as Jensen goes to open the door he is ambushed by none other than Marchenko and the shadow operatives, with the former injecting Jensen with a dose of the Orchid. Sevchenko himself was already dead; his corpse had been given to the Harvesters by Belltower a few weeks earlier. However, not all is lost as Jensen reveals he learned Marchenko has some kind of connection to the Dvali, so Miller orders him to get to the Red Light District to find out more. At the Convention Center, Jensen discovers that Sandoval is not attending the speech, and proceeds to Sandoval's apartment. Walthers was acquainted with a couple who desired a child and at age five he was unofficially[2] adopted by loving parents, Arthur and Margie Jensen. It appears that Durant was somehow involved in the incident, as Jensen confronted him just as the riots were calming down. [26] All of his initial augmentations were produced by Sarif Industries, and were given to him as a result of the attack by the Tyrants. If the Act passes, Brown's corporation, the Santeau Group, will be unable to sustain the inflow of the augmented into their safe-haven cities such as Rabi'ah, which would result in enormous financial loss. He eventually enters Tibor's housing to find a frustrated woman, Adéla Sokol, who explains that because Tibor is an ARC member, the police came and took him and his brother, Dušan. A voice recording between Megan and Page implied that samples of a highly unstable experimental drug had been shipped to a Swiss Alps facility named GARM. Following the Tyrants, Jensen discovers that the warehouse is a front, and that the lower levels housed a FEMA internment camp. If you come back later to discuss the experimental augs, Jensen will not retract his eye shields and has quite a few unflattering things to say to Sarif. Putting allegations aside, Jensen asks him if they found anything at the G.A.R.M. However, the Orchid does not kill him and Jensen wakes up several hours later and radios for help. Pony purchased separately, Easter egg riffing on a certain other title in the series. They also help Jensen locate a train, guarded by TF29, that is about to be hit by an Illuminati strike force led by Thorne. Darrow says that Sarif has urged him to invite delegates from the United Nations to Panchaea and to persuade them that regulation of the augmentation industry is unnecessary. Following Eliza's conversation with Jensen, the Tyrant Fedorova appears and engages Jensen in combat, but is defeated. Auzenne asks Jensen to recount Jensen's first mission with the TF29 in which he was sent to the Pent House to make contact with deep-undercover Interpol agent Hector Guererro. His body would not reject PEDOT electrodes with glial tissue buildup; if anything, the bond between tissue and electrode would strengthen with time, possibly without limit. Jensen notices that Miller left his NSN key card here and while he debates over using it to access the full conversation, Alex wants to meet him as she found some interesting information. He is voiced and performance captured by actor, Elias Toufexis also voiced Gabriel Nowak in, Jensen wears his eye-shields most of the time, even at night. The hacking attempt had originated in an abandoned factory complex in Highland Park. Jensen is found hiding aboard Hei Zhen Zhu and takes out multiple Belltower troopers before he is subdued, put into an EMP chair, and brutally interrogated by Pieter Burke and Netanya Keitner. Vande is killed by Thorne, but Jensen is successful in causing the train to run off the track, forcing Hermann to flee. Jensen's augmentations had been damaged during the bombing and he needed a specialist to fix them. Jensen learns Nomad's daughter, Allison Staněk, is most likely the bomb-maker. When Jensen goes to G.A.R.M., he is immediately ambushed by Viktor Marchenko, whom Jensen met earlier in Golem City. However, just as he steps out of Praha Dovoz, an explosion a few blocks away goes off and Jensen sees that the Stanek shop was targeted. On the approach to Hengsha, Malik's VTOL is diverted by flight control, and subsequently disabled by an EMP missile fired by a Belltower operative. A conversation plays out with Megan Reed talking to Page about a facility she was unaware of called G.A.R.M.. She goes on to mention a scientist there wanted to know more on the Orchid, which Megan is working on, and she stresses to Page how dangerous it is and to keep the neutralizing enzyme on site until she can stabilize it. Back at TF29, Jensen is assigned to investigate the Růžička Station bombing by collecting evidence from the station. About a year after the Aug Incident, Adam Jensen wakes up in Facility 451 in Alaska. State Police were claiming jurisdiction - playing politics and getting in the way. Auzenne answered that maybe she would, if she really felt that the person in front of her was no longer on her side. He does not know who it is, however. Personal information Relying solely on Arthur's income, money was always tight for the family; Margie lacked the skills and emotional temperament needed to maintain a job. While the player can consume alcohol within gameplay, the player has no opportunity to smoke tobacco. However, Sebastian is killed by an unknown sniper. After the events of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Delara Auzenne asks Jensen to recount his undercover mission in the Penley T. Housefather Correctional Facility (known as the "Pent House"), an Aug-only super-maximum security prison in Arizona. He plugs in and recovers the data to see the first part of the conversation he had already heard with Alex. Most people at Panchaea had either been driven insane by the signal or been killed by those who had been. Jensen runs back up to the roof to find the escaped aug, only to see him escape down an alley. Alongside Jaron Namir, Adam Jensen is likely the most augmented character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with forty to fifty percent of his body replaced with augmentation. With nothing else to go on, Jensen makes his way to Miller’s office to fill him in on G.A.R.M.. Singh alerted the TF29 unit in Oman to intercept the purchase to capture the arms dealer. There appears to be sadness in her voice, indicating she may know that Anneke Norstadt died from it. His torso appears to be biological, but is covered in dermal armor, along with bolt ports from the bar placed within his chest to support said augments. Brown explains that the London Division had already done a check and found nothing, and that he brought in extra security from Tarvos Security Services and even had the food and beverages replaced to show he was taking the threat seriously. It also summarizes some of the events between Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided that occur in tie-in material. Miller also reveals that it was Manderley who signed off on assigning Jensen to TF29’s Prague Division. Meanwhile, the train guarded by TF29 is rapidly being seized by the Illuminati strike force, which includes Gunther Hermann and others under the command of Jenna Thorne. This unknown being even shares Adam's facial hair, scars on his cheek, and scar over his eye. Practical consequences from the game world and story are mostly determined by what happens, rather than by an assessment of why the player did it, so Jensen's motivations are largely open to the player's interpretation. Various weapons and objects in the games require Jensen's animations to use both hands. In Jensen's apartment, Vega tells Jensen that Brown is working to oppose the passage of Human Restoration Act. Satisfied with this answer, DeBeers states "then it's only a matter of time" before the two log off. Initially the developers intended Jensen's clock-making to indicate that he had always been a collector and simply enjoyed taking devices apart out of curiosity. Jensen accomplishes the rescue, but learnes from Tong Jr. that the capture had been deliberately orchestrated. Unexpectedly, the chair is deactivated, allowing Jensen to escape. The Aug incident significantly fueled tensions between augmented and non-augmented people. [17] However, the founder of Sarif Industries, David Sarif, being a cautious individual, decided to hire a private investigator named Brent Radford to investigate Jensen's past. However, he refuses to cancel the event as he is hoping to persuade the UN delegates that are there to oppose the Act. The hacker urges Jensen to help him, but then immediately commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. Adam returning to work after six months recovery. when Megan first mentioned it, found out it used to be a Belltower facility in the Swiss Alps but was not listed on their balance sheet when they declared bankruptcy. The Juggernaut Collective assists Jensen in locating a train, carrying the augmentations seized from Sheppard by TF29, that is about to be attacked by an Illuminati strike force tasked with seizing the augmentations for themselves. He informs Jensen that he wants him on the Růžička case and to find their forensics technician, Daniel "Smiley" Fletcher, who was sent earlier to the station but has not returned. Jensen returns the favor by helping TF29 stop Sheppard from air-lifting the augmentations out of the city. As Jensen heads down to meet Liam Slater, the one in charge of the convention's security, he gives Alex a heads up that some of the UN delegates are there, only for Janus to butt into the conversation. Miller tells Jensen to look for an informant in Golem City named Tibor Sokol, who can help him get into ARC territory so that Jensen can reach Rucker. He then makes his way back to the surface and Malik takes him back to Sarif Industries to report on the situation. The story, as told by Jensen to Delara, culminates in a confrontation between Jensen and Guerrero, whose extensive time at the Pent House made him question his loyalties to Interpol. With his adopted parents, Jensen was raised in a blue-collar neighborhood in Detroit and was a B-average student with no notable youthful indiscretions. As only those with the right biometrics can call corporate vaults, Jensen has to break into the CEO's office to use their keycard machine. Faridah Malik airlifts Jensen to the Highland Park warehouse, where Jensen witnesses the arrival of two members of the Tyrants, Lawrence Barrett and Yelena Fedorova, as well as another appearance of their leader, Jaron Namir. Jensen and Stacks manage to destroy the Junction to prevent further looting, although a sizable amount of military-grade augmentations have already been looted. Under these circumstances, Interpol forms an anti-terrorism team in 2028 called Task Force 29, who are given unprecedented jurisdiction to act around the world. Jensen stumbles upon Namir and Fedorova as they are preparing to leave, but is briefly incapacitated by Barrett before he could stop them. He graduated in the top ten percent of his Police Academy class. Two scientists in charge of Adam found out they had succeeded with him, but had grown too attached to let VersaLife continue experimenting on him. Mankind Divided is set in 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution, which culminated in the Aug Incident when Hugh Darrow hijacked the biochip signal. [16] When Jensen resigned from the police force she advised her employer, David Sarif, to hire Jensen in order to ensure continued access to Jensen's genetic material. Augmentations Jensen enjoys baseball, as demonstrated by the baseball bat in both his Detroit and Prague apartments and the autographed baseball in his Prague apartment, as well as his watching a Detroit baseball game in the opening scene of the. Alex flies Jensen to the train. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided review Deus Ex: Mankind Divided takes you to a dark, beautiful world of cyborg agents, conspiracies and social turmoil. [8] At the age of 21 he joined the Detroit Police Department. Barrett engages Jensen in combat, but loses. Escaping from the ensuing Belltower ambush, Jensen takes an elevator to street level, where he suddenly experiences a painful glitch in his augmentations. The purchase is to take place at an abandoned hotel in Dubai. Earlier, Thorne was reminded by Hermann that she would be exceeding her authority if she were to kill Jensen herself. Alex also states the Orchid is not a bioweapon, at least not intentionally. Here he meets Viktor Marchenko, a high ranking ARC member who seems to have a lot of respect for Rucker. Pritchard also informs Jensen that a transmitter in Detroit's Derelict Row is maintaining a constant "backdoor" into the Sarif Industries network. Zhao tried to use the killswitch to incapacitate Jensen, but Jensen is nevertheless able to defeat Namir in combat. "[12] In Megan's office in Sarif Industries can be found a small toy cop car, a joke gift from Jensen on their first date, as he picked her up in a police cruiser. Awakening in Alaska and return to Detroit, First mission for TF29 and subsequent transfer to Prague, Mission in Dubai and the Růžička Station bombing, Unofficially as, per the investigation by, Per the brief on Jensen's childhood read by. Jensen helps the TF29 unit in their mission and receives praise from their commander, Christian Jarreau. This game really told the future. Although Jensen has sustained fatal injuries, David Sarif takes advantage of Jensen's genetic condition, and a clause in his employment contract, to augment Jensen to an extent which would have been impossible for any other individual. Jensen and to Alex suspect that Jensen's team was sent to Dubai intentionally by the Illuminati in order to officially "witness" something.

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